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The Movie is about Babloo who likes to have fun and is always getting in trouble. So his father Narayana gets him a job with Shanker Goud. Shanker Goud and Bhallu are rivals and Bhallu is determined to kill Shanker Gouds sister Pooja. Babloo falls in love with Pooja but Shanker is planning an arranged marriage for her with Ajay. Babloo and Pooja elope to get married. Babloo saves Pooja from Bhallu. The Movie is about Nanda Gopal Nandu who is a professional assassin, and Ma lli is his partner. They charge Rs. . crore per assassination. A party leader, Shiva Reddy, wants someone to attempt an assassination on him so that he can get more Sympathy votes in the upcoming election. Shiva Reddy s colleague Baji Reddy hooks him up with Nan du for a deal. However, before Nan du can shoot Shiva Reddy, someone else fatally shoots him. Within minutes, police surround the building. Just before the exit of the building, a big car accident occurs on the street with Nandus car. Nan du assumes that Ma lli got trapped and died in the accident. So he goes to the top of the skyscraper. With the police behind him and in front of him, he is helpless. Suddenly a train comes and he uses a rope to jump from the skyscraper to the train.


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