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Continue the adventures of the bewildered Bridget Jones Renee Zellweger , a British executive who works in a publishing house and now, with the recently completed, is single again. Determined to start a new stage in her life, away from the excesses and the constant depression that defined her day to day, the protagonist has adopted a more positive attitude, stays in shape going to the gym and surrounded by old friends, And also some new ones. In addition, in her professional career she premieres as a producer of a television news. Of course, although maintaining a good relationship with his ex, Mark Darcy Colin Firth continues to play an important role in his life. r n r nFor once, Bridget has everything under control. What could go wrong But then his love life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the charismatic Jack Qwant Patrick Dempsey , a new suitor who is the opposite of Mark. Things will get even more complicated when Bridget receives news that will change everything completely she is pregnant. And if that were not enough, you do not know who the baby is, because the chances are, fifty percent, or your eternal love Mark or your new love interest, Jack.


Download Bridget Jones Baby 2016 Movie

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